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Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talk ACEs.



Write it down

For those of us living with ACEs, our innermost thoughts and memories can sometimes feel tangled and uncomfortable to access. And that’s normal. But science shows that journaling and reflection can help us to process and cope with difficult emotions.

We’ve put together two writing prompts to help cultivate mindfulness and nurture self-compassion (two important tools for healing). Launch notes on your phone, open a journal, or just grab a piece of paper and start with the first action below.

write it down

Start here

write it down

Write a thank you note to someone you’re grateful for, whether you know them personally or not. (You don’t have to send it to them).

write it down

Write a thank you note to yourself. For starters, thank yourself for starting your healing journey. It's a big deal.

write it down

Well done! And just so you know, if you're not comfortable writing it down, you can express yourself in drawings, doodles, or whatever kind of creative expression feels good to you.