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How Mentors Make a Difference

Mentors can make a huge difference in young people’s lives. Especially when they don’t have supportive relationships at home, or when they feel like the adults in their life don’t show up for them.


In this inspiring interview, our very own Joy Thomas asks her friend Jessica Fonseca how mentors have impacted her life. 


Growing up, Jessica spent some time in foster care. She used to push people away before they got too close out of fear she’d be let down yet again. But a handful of mentors showed up, supported, and cared about Jessica in ways that changed the trajectory of her life.


“The mentors throughout my life have made such an impact in showing me that – despite whatever I’m going through, despite whatever my life looks like – I’m still loveable, and I’m still acceptable, and I’m still worthy of love. And I still have an opportunity to change.”


Watch the full interview to learn more, including how Jessica is impacting young people through the very organization that nurtured her, and to find out whether mentoring might be right for you.

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