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Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talk ACEs.


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Taking our ACE history can be a powerful first step to understanding our stories, healing ourselves, and helping the children in our lives.

These ten ACEs are not the only forms of childhood adversity. Other things, like racism, discrimination (against LGBTQ communities or people with disabilities, for example), poverty, immigration, natural disaster, and violence in our community are just as important for us to understand if they are part of our stories.

In fact, if your number is a 0 it doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t experience childhood adversity. It just means you may have dealt with things not measured by the original ACEs study.

Whatever your score turns out to be, we encourage you to explore the healing strategies and support offered here.

*Please note: For some of us, taking our ACE history might bring up painful memories and feelings. If you start to feel triggered or anxious, take a break. We’ve got some tools right here to help you get grounded again.

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