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Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talk ACEs.



Try a calming practice

Our friends at Yoga Ed have put together a video with three short practices to help calm mind and body. When our mind (or heart) is racing, these grounding techniques can help bring us back to the here and now. So find a quiet place, pull up a chair, and give them a try.

Learn more about Yoga Ed.'s grounding tools

Yoga Ed. Mind-Body Resources develop the mind-body connection to enhance health, well-being, learning, and behavior. Through breathing, movement, and relaxation, we learn how to find safety in our bodies, navigate both uncomfortable and comfortable sensations, become aware of our internal states, and utilize mind-body resources to regulate emotions and behavior. Grounding is one valuable mind-body resource. When your mind is racing, grounding brings you back to the here and now and is helpful in managing anxiety or overwhelming feelings. Grounding involves being present with your body and bringing your attention to what is happening to you physically in your body or surroundings instead of the thoughts in your mind. Specifically, through grounding techniques, you consciously focus on your feet, your legs, and the earth beneath them. Physically, anxiety and dissociation often shunt energy up the body and away from the legs. The invitation to feel our feet on the floor, or anything that is touching the earth, such as to feel our legs move, can shift energy into our lower body and bring the attention back to the present moment. This video provides three Yoga Ed. tools for practicing grounding, including a breathing exercise, a yoga pose, and a guided relaxation.