Your Number Story


Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talk ACEs.

A Number is Not Always a Number

A number is not always a number. A number is sometimes a clue … a trail of breadcrumbs through our childhood that can lead to an understanding of our lives today.


A number is sometimes small, but it can leave large scars and cause deep hurt.


A number is sometimes large, and really scary. But it doesn’t need to be. You can step past it, or embrace it, or take it apart and put it together again however you see fit.


A number can tell you where you have been and what has been done to you. 


It cannot tell you where you are going or where you will take yourself.


A number is a story, and where that story leads is up to you.

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I love music. Recently, I was listening to a random playlist Spotify generated for me when a song titled “Before I Have A Daughter” by Bre Kennedy started playing. Bre Kennedy sings about building a garden that grows on the same ground where tears have fallen and hearts have also been broken. Her goal is to learn to tend to this garden so that it flourishes on both the good and bad days.