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Oprah Winfrey y la Dra. Nadine Burke Harris hablan acerca de ACEs.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris & Camila Cabello: A Conversation About ACEs

For Grammy-nominated singer & songwriter and mental health advocate, Camila Cabello, “Learning about the way that adverse childhood experiences affect your body and your brain gave me a lot of relief. I no longer felt like there’s something wrong with me. It took away my sense of inadequacy and replaced it with grace. Now I’m like, ‘how can I help myself?'”


Tune in for a fascinating conversation between California Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Camila as they discuss the importance of understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and discovering a path toward healing.

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I’ve lived with bipolar disorder for the last 13 years. Though the initial years were brutal, once I understood my triggers and what it takes to stay well, I’ve been privileged to have stayed healthy for much of the last decade. This included — to my relief — my first pregnancy and post-partum period and serving in high-intensity public health roles through the pandemic, as California’s Acting Surgeon General and previously the office’s first Chief Health Officer.


Number Story Partnership With Vivian Nunez

I love music. Recently, I was listening to a random playlist Spotify generated for me when a song titled “Before I Have A Daughter” by Bre Kennedy started playing. Bre Kennedy sings about building a garden that grows on the same ground where tears have fallen and hearts have also been broken. Her goal is to learn to tend to this garden so that it flourishes on both the good and bad days.